Keynote Speakers

Amy Chi

Amy Chi has been teaching English for academic purposes to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from various disciplines at the Center for Language Education (a.k.a. Language Centre) of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is also currently teaching an MA class on “Teaching Second Language Vocabulary” at the university. As a part-time Lecturer, she co-taught with Professor Li Lan “Bilingual Lexicography” to students studying for an MA in the Computer-aided Translation Programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2008-2014. She was invited as Advisor for the compilation of the Macmillan English Dictionary (First edition, 2002), and an External Reviewer of articles for journals including Lexikos, Lexicography and Journal of Translation Studies of Chinese University Press. She was the founding secretary (1997-1999) and Executive Board member (1999-2011) of ASIALEX. Amy is a dedicated diurnal and nocturnal hiker. Amy’s research interests are in the area of pedagogical lexicography, underpinning teaching and learning of English as a second language. Her publications are concerned with EFL learners’ dictionaries, dictionary use training methodology and materials, second language vocabulary acquisition and phraseology.

Danie Prinsloo

Danie Prinsloo is a professor in African languages, former Head of the Department of African Languages and former Chair of the School of Languages in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He received several awards as Exceptional Academic Achiever from the University of Pretoria and was recognised as one of the University of Pretoria's Centenary Leading Minds. He served as a consultant for the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) to guide dictionary compilation in the 11 National Lexicography Units in South Africa and was appointed as the linguistic manager or co-manager of several text-processing, corpus building, HLT and NLP projects for the official African languages of South Africa. He is a founder member, former President and currently Vice-President of the African Association for Lexicography (Afrilex) and co-editor of the journal Lexikos. His research is focused on corpus-based African language lexicography and his current research projects include new designs for dynamic electronic dictionaries, linking dictionaries with corpus data and electronic dictionary support tools. He has published more than 160 articles and chapters in scholarly books and read an equal number of papers at international conferences.//

Gilles-Maurice de Schryver

Gilles-Maurice de Schryver is the current President of Euralex (2018-2020), and a two-term past President of Afrilex (2009-2013). Earlier, he also served in other capacities on the executive boards of Afrilex (2001-2009), Euralex (2006-2014), Asialex (2007-2013) and Australex (2008-2013).He is a research professor of African linguistics at BantUGent, the UGent Centre for Bantu Studies at Ghent University. He is also an extraordinary professor in the department of African languages at the University of Pretoria, a job title he formerly held at the University of the Western Cape (2006-2012).He holds an MSc in microelectronic engineering (1995), as well as an MA (1999) and PhD (2005) in African languages and cultures. In 2002 he co-founded TshwaneDJe HLT, and in 2006 he was a founding member of African Language Technology.He is the author or co-author of over 300 books, book chapters, journal articles and conference papers. Many of these are freely available online:

Hayati Develi

Hayati Develi, who had his PhD degree from the Institute of Social Sciences at Istanbul University,  is a professor at the Linguistics Department in İstanbul University. Currently, he is the head of the department and the dean of the Faculty of Letters. Professor Develi gave lectures on Turkish at the Institute of Pedagogy in the Republic of Tatarstan and worked as the head of Turkic Studies Institute. He mainly works on the vocabulary of Turkish. Besides, his research interests are philology, modern and historical Turkish language, Old Anatolian Turkish, Ottoman Turkish and Southwestern Turkish Languages of the Oguz Group. Professor Develi is the editor of one of the largest dictionaries of Turkish which is called “Büyük Misalli Türkçe Sözlük”. He is the author of some books and articles on historical linguistics as well as on the current linguistic issues on Turkish.